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Angels from Hell






Angels from Hell

When evil angel escape from hell
You feel the scent of death.
Corpse escape from the grave
It's just the end.
All the people falling on the ground
Who opened the seventh seal.
But only god can choose,
It's not a dying day.

So they come to give the death,
In the name of hell, into the heart of man.
When you look in their faces,
You can't see their eyes
But only flames.

All the things are out of your control
While insanity changes your soul.
With black wings they
Show you road to hell.
While evil angels fly inside your head
Holy knights dying in this foreign land.
A mercenary opens the bridge to dying land.

Evil will born again every day,
The sun and the moon will bleed again.
The sky waitng a sign from th god,
So evil angels can't make the end.